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Limited Edition Mirror Polished Pricking Iron

Limited Edition Mirror Polished Pricking Iron

Limited edition - mirror polished pricking iron

Order to make, 1 week lead time

Just like our prongs for normal version, limited edition pricking iron is mirror polished by hand for whole body. Extremely aesthetic.



Amy Roke french style pricking iron provides extreme performance for stitch holes. 

Made by Sweden ASSAB high-end alloy steel, precise heat treatment and most important each single pricking iron is hand polished by the master to mirror-like surface prongs. 

Smooth and sharp prongs can pierce the leather easily but maintain a good condition of stitch holes, no fibres at the second layer of leather will come out! 

Available sizes from 2.7mm (#10), 3.0mm (#9), 3.38mm (#8) and 3.85mm (#7)

Wide of prongs:

2.7mm: 1.8mm-2.0mm

3.0mm-3.38mm: 2.0mm-2.2mm

2.85mm: 2.2mm


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